Basic Package: Only $199 or $31.95 per month**. One or Two Page website with basic website hosting and basic design.  (Good economy package for a new business who just wants to have a presence on the internet.)

Better Package: Only $399 or $48.95 per month**. 3 page Website with better website hosting and deluxe designs.  (This is a great package for a service type person like a plumber, electrician, painter or handyman.)

Small Business Package: Only $599 or $64.95 per month**. Website with website hosting and design for a 5 page website and up to 10 items listed for sale.  (This is a great package for a small to medium sized business who wants a worldwide presence and to sell products 24 hours a day.)

Real Estate w/MLS and agent pages, Online Communities, Large eCommerce Websites, Medium Size to Large Businesses with hundreds to thousands of  clients purchasing daily needing semi-dedicated to dedicated website hosting and 24 hour emergency service….Email, call or text for pricing.

**Must be paid quarterly in advance. Depost is required. This offer is for a limited time only and can be discontinued without notice.

*If you already have website hosting, we can still help with design and developing of your website. Email, call or text for reduced pricing. The prices stated are for a limited time and this offer may not be applicable for all websites. This pricing does not include a domain name, search engine optimization, marketing, social media marketing or integration, on site pictures or videos, content or writing copy, special images, premium themes, premium applications or maintenance after 90 days. After 90 days there is a maintenance fee of $20 per month paid quarterly for maintenance and security updates. This does not include dedicated or semi-dedicated website hosting.